The Enchanted Tiki Room
“At first, heartbreak made me beautiful.
My skin fluoresced. I hypnotized trees.
The orphans followed me around town,
drunk on my pain. I ate only my own
hunger, gave off a scent like bitter oranges
or chlorine. Loss left me strangely whole,
as if my sadness, were it strong enough,
could turn your ship around. That was back
when I aged. Now, like an astronomer
who seeks no first causes, but only to map
the connections pinned out over the sea,
I want to diagram the light that shines out
through the holes you pricked into me.”

- Maureen Thorson, Applies to Orange (via fables-of-the-reconstruction)


Jane Wicker (by Evil Sean)

(via lazenby)

(via lazenby)


fabien merelle


Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

J. M. W. Turner, London from Greenwich Park (detail), exhibited 1809